Here is another sample taken at Bury Field Newport Pagnell:-​​

3D Model of Tyringham "Temple"
Tyringham Hall Map with Drone Deploy


A mapping exercise (resolution 2.3cm/px) completed purely to assist in locating a  model aircraft lost in an adjacent field to the Nene Valley Aeromodellers flying site. Can you see it - a red Hawker Hunter!? Also click to see this 360° panorama of the same area.


We can now  provide an EXIF Tag-based & Basemap-based Georeferencing Mapping Service using our DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro aircraft, including optional Stockpile Volume Measurement. 

Below are some 2D test maps taken with a Phantom 3 Pro & 4 Pro drones, of part of the Nene Valley Aeromodellers flying site near Olney, Bucks. They were  produced from 29  & 44 images of 4000 x 3000 px resolution taken from a height of 40M above ground level which resulted in a map resolution of 

1.6cm (0.65") per pixel.​​




  • To measure Distance & Area, use the Polyline & Polygon tools below the Zoom buttons at top left 
  • To measure Volume, draw a Polygon then click "Yes" in dialogue box to obtain data. Once cancelled, just left click inside polygon to see the data again.  
  • To clear and start over, press "F5" or highlight the page URL then press "Enter" to refresh the page)
  • To obtain the Lat & long of a point, just right click
  • To select different map layers, use the  Layers button top right.

​                     Base Maps: "Satellite" or "Streets"​

​                     User Maps: "Standard" Map or "Elev" (a colourised Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Map, the elevation numbers at the bottom of which help identify                                               how high any point in the map is & extremely useful for farmers in identifying drainages and slopes) 

  • To centre the map if you left click & scroll too far and lose it, just refresh the page as above  


Once the the images are processed into a Georeferenced map by Maps Made Easy it will be available on their web map viewer, (similar to Google Earth) via the provided link.   The following will also be available if required:

  • 2D & 3D iFrame Embed Code:  Insert the HTML code into a web page to produce a Maps Made Easy map viewer  as above (2D) and below (3D)
  • 3D Google Earth (​KMZ File)  to give the option of viewing an individual map in Google Earth.  

                      See for detailed information about KML/KMZ files

  • GeoTIFF (TIF)
  • Full Resolution Image (JPG)
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (TIF)
  • Colorised DEM GeoTIFF (TIF)
  • Colorised DEM (JPG)
  • Map stitching: Adjacent maps can be stitched together to be viewed as one single map using the Maps Made Easy map viewer
  • Map layering: identical maps taken at different times can be superimposed on one another and viewed independently using the "Layer" button


Drone Deploy can also be used for map processing in a similar way to the above. This example trial map taken at Tyringham Hall was filmed as a 2D,  & not 3D map although low definition 3D viewing of this map is an option. Click HERE or image to view map online:-

3D Viewer

The item below was a trial 3D mapping excercise using one of the Tryingham "Temples" as a subject.. To view either click HERE or in the image, then select the Drone Deploy "3D Model" option to view:-


Location Map

Various maps can be combined into layers which can be selected either visible or hidden. In this example, the above layer of resolution 1.6cm (0.65") per pixel has been superimposed  on top of 3 adjacent layers of resolution 3.0cm (1.2") per pixel. One use of this facility would be to monitor crop growth by conducting regular mapping flights over the same area and superimposing the layers as here.  Note: The Volumetric measuring tool is not available with the Location map.


An accurate quotation will be provided once we have all the relevant information from the Client, the following however gives an indication of the likely charges :

  • Day or half day rate as shown on our Terms & Conditions page plus:
  • ​Public Liability Insurance
  • An additional Video Drone Services data processing  fee plus:
  • A "Maps Made Easy" processing fee.
  • These will vary from £50 plus approximately £0.10  to £0.70/acre (4046 m²),  depending on the following requirements:

                Number of Images:  Size of area to be mapped,  map  resolution & image overlap


              Volumetric measurement tool 


Note: VAT is not payable