UK CAA Approval:

Video Drone Services (VDS) is a UK CAA-approved commercial operator of "Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA)" commonly called "Drones"  and has permission to operate both sub-7kg and also 7-20kg SUA by day and night. (CAA Approval ID: 1190)

VDS currently operates 7 UAV's ( see"Equipment"page for full details) of which:

  • 5 are sub 7kg - 1 x Inspire2 with X5S camera, 1 x Phantom 4 Pro, 2 x Phantom 3 Pro's & 1 x DJI Phantom Mavic Pro 
  • 2 can operate in either category - Vulcan Black Widow Y6 Folding 950's

Regulatory Limitations:

In general commercial SUA must only be flown:

  • Within direct, unaided visual line-of-sight (VLOS) of the pilot.  
  • No higher than 400 feet above the surface and no further than 500 metres from the SUA operator.
  • 150 metres away from ​*congested areas (**unless SUA weight does not exceed 7kg) 
  • Not within 150 metres of an open-air assembly of 1,000 persons or more.
  • Not directly overhead (at any height) or within 50 metres of persons, vehicles, vessels and property, unless those persons are under the control of the person in charge of the SUA.

* The Air Navigation Order defines a congested area as being ‘any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes’


  • Both Vulcan Y6 Folding 950's can operate in the sub 7kg category by using a different flight battery pack configuration.
  •  VDS will need permission in advance from the Landowner of the planned take off & landing site to be used and operational area to be overflown

Here are some of our Capabilities and Limitations.  Please email or phone should you require further information

You might find this recent CAA issued PDF document entitled  "FAQ's - Drone Flying" very interesting and could well answer any questions or concerns you might have about  Drone operations in the UK. Click the document title link above or icon to view